When she was born, nothing could have foreseen that the little brown-haired girl, who was wanted so dearly by her modest family, would one day develop extra-sensorial powers so potent that they make her one of the 5 greatest psychics in the world.

Contrary to the belief that this kind of power is passed down from generation to generation in a family, nothing of the sort has ever been established in her ancestry.

In the winter of her eighth birthday, little Aasha, had to undergo an emergency operation for a serious appendicitis, during which she developed near-fatal peritonitis, she spent many hours in a coma after the operation. During these dramatic hours, as she was able to relate later, a white and luminous shape appeared to her three times. During the two first apparitions, the mysterious shape remained silent and immobile.

But on the third apparition, Aasha saw the shape of two shining eyes which looked at her tenderly and a friendly mouth which whispered: "I would like you close to me, but you are much too valuable where you are. Let all those who suffer know that I am giving you the Gift of healing; all those who doubt, that I am giving you the Gift of certitude; all those who feel condemned, that I am giving you the Gift of justice. Soon, everyone will know that I have given you the Gift of love and Happiness".

Since she has become aware of the beneficial powers she received during this dramatic moment, Aasha has continuously liberated people from their anguish, by bringing them the peace, success, happiness and hope they were so lacking.

She is now considered as one of the five most powerful and most beneficial clairvoyants with psychic Gifts in the world, Aasha has participated in the Magic Circle of the Kama foundation, a Magic Occult Circle which unites the most generous and powerful Mediums amongst her friends. Their aim is:

To put their powers at the disposal of those with real difficulties and who call upon them to find harmony, love, and happiness.